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Originally a homestead house, a portion of the home was moved to it's current location in the 1940s. It was remodeled to include a bathroom, indoor plumbing, and a larger kitchen and dining room. The bunkhouse was added on in the 1970s. This and the adjacent barn and buildings were one farm, owned and operated by the same family for nearly 50 years.

Jump to 2023: The acreage had been on the market for quite a while, and the home had been stripped of its heating and all plumping. Call him crazy, but Zeb saw the home's potential and purchased it in April 2023. Work began, ripping out all of the ceilings and much of the drywall, finding an inch of mesh plaster on all of the walls. Needless to say, an incredible amount of work went into getting the home the way it looks today. Check out the renovation pics in the gallery and see how far we've come! 


Zeb Carlson grew up on a farm south of Burke on the Nebraska border. He had been looking for an investment project for a while, not finding anything in his current town of Minneapolis. When he stumbled on this property, he saw something special. 

With a design and construction background, he saw what many before him didn't, and wanted to make something unique to the area. He's proud of the space and can't wait to see what the future holds for it! 

He's a hometown guy, and believes in the strong community of Burke and is excited to participate and support it. We sponsor many events, such as the PRCA Burke Stampede Rodeo. 

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